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Crunchyroll Awards Results & My Thoughts!

Published February 28, 2018 by Shay Taree

This past weekend the Crunchyroll Award show finally let is know who wins among us anime fans. Its also easy for me to say that not many people we excited about the results. So check out my video to know all the results and know my thoughts.

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~Shay Taree


King’s Game Review!

Published January 27, 2018 by Shay Taree

It’s time for the 3rd and final series that was chosen for the It’s In Season podcast and its the anime King’s Game. This anime had me from the very beginning so check out my review to see what I completely thought about this show!

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~Shay Taree

Kino’s Journey A Beautiful World 2017 Review!

Published January 25, 2018 by Shay Taree

I’m back with another review and it’s on the anime Kino’s Journey A Beautiful World. It’s similar in some ways to Mushishi so if you like that show you may enjoy Kino’s Journey. So if that has peaked your interest check out my review to know more.

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~Shay Taree

2018 CrunchyRoll & My Predictions!

Published January 23, 2018 by Shay Taree

The Cruncyroll awards are among us again and I decided to make a video announcing the nominees for the categories that I know about as well as my predictions. Comment down below on what you think of my predictions and of the nominees and please check out the full list for yourself also.

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~Shay Taree

Can A Live Action Anime Be Done Well! 

Published October 25, 2017 by Shay Taree

Yup thats right I’m wondering if a live action anime can be done well. Honestly I think it can but it will take a lot of work. I also discuss the possible reasons why a live action anime hasn’t been done well in the past and also why I can see it happening if studios take the correct steps.
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~Shay Taree

Anime Shopping!!!

Published November 29, 2016 by Shay Taree

As I’m sure many of you know yesterday was Cyber Monday which is one of the biggest shopping days online of the year. 

I didn’t do any shopping online but I know that a lot of anime websites from Crunchyroll to Right Stuf had things for sale.

Did any of you buy anything and if so comment below on what you decided to purchase. 

~Anime Reviewer Girl! 

Crunchyroll & Funimation Partnership!!! 

Published September 12, 2016 by Shay Taree

So it was announced last week that 2 of the biggest companies in anime decided to form a partnership. I think everyone in the anime community collectively lost their minds when this was announced. 
The basic premise of this partnership is so that anime fans are able to get more of the anime that they love and also in a timely manner. Several titles from Funimation have started streaming on Crunchyroll and some titles on Crunchyroll are going to be receiving dubs from Funimation. This includes titles like Orange, Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress, and Mob Psycho 100. 

Along with all this also the premium services for Funimation known as Funimation Now is going to go down in price. Now this would make things more affordable for anyone that wants access to dubbed anime for $5.99 a month or $59.99 a year. 

Now for those of you that already are subscribed to Funimation All-Access Pass like I am then you don’t have to do anything and your account will automatically switch to Funimation Now and will reflect the new pricing. For those with just sub access though they will stop charging you and you have 60 days of access to Funimation Now Premium. 

I can’t wait to see what else is going to happen with this new partnership and if you have any questions check out the faq pages at Funimation

So what do you think of this partnership? Comment down below and let me know what you think!

~Anime Reviewer Girl!