Latest Bleach Manga Chapter Review!!! OMG! 

Published April 16, 2016 by Shay Taree

So of course it’s Saturday and that means that I have a new review for everyone! I jut finished reading the latest Bleach manga chapters and decided to review them! Check it out and of course enjoy! But be warned there are spoilers so watch at your own risk!

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38 comments on “Latest Bleach Manga Chapter Review!!! OMG! 

  • Nice review. Yoruichi’s new transformation was awesome, love the way she looks and acts too!! Kisuke’s bankai was epic! And Kenpachi’s bankai was sick! Never thought he would turn into this tengu-like beast with so much more power than he could handle… I’m also pretty excited to see what Toshiro’s got planned next.

  • I am already caught up in Bleach and everything is epic. I am enjoying see these characters unleash their true powers. From Yoruichi’s powers to Kenpachi’s Banki, everything is awesome. I can’t wait for Toshiro for Monday’s issue of Jump. Still, I feel a little uneasy for the future chapters of Bleach.

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