Anime Or Manga?

Published March 25, 2015 by Shay Taree

I know that many people may have a preference when it comes to this but then there are also others that may not. What I’m talking about is which do you like better anime or manga?

For me I actually like anime’s more than manga’s. I think it’s because I watch more anime than I read manga. Now manga is definitely not a bad thing since that is where a lot of the anime we know and love come from.
I think what also makes me like it more is the fact that when it comes to action sequences I’m able to see it all happen fluidly instead of how it’s done in the manga.
But which do you like better anime or manga or do you like both equally? Leave a comment down below and like always I will answer back. 
~Anime Reviewer Girl!

26 comments on “Anime Or Manga?

  • For me it really depends. I say Brynhildr in the Darkness manga is way better than the anime since the anime rushed it. Akame ga Kill, although I originally hated the idea of the original ending and wish it stuck to the manga, what happened in episode 23 made me love it equally to the manga. I think it more depends on the adaptation itself, rather if it is one of the other for all of them.

  • I like the manga more. I agree with you about the action sequences, but overall I do like manga better. For one, it’s the original source material so it conveys the story the way the mangaka intended it to. Also sometimes the anime cuts large parts of the original series especially in slice of life anime. I loved the Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun manga, but the anime skipped practically almost every cute and important development scenes. And in Say I Love You, it ended so randomly. Like, it was an immediate halt in a random place in the story.

    So, yeah. Manga.

  • Anime. Though I understand magna fans perspectives. There’s nothing like curling up on the couch and binge-watching a series you love while stuffing fistfuls of popcorn in your mouth – shouting and spilling it everywhere when something epic happens. Not to say that I don’t love reading – I make it a point to read every day. But I definitely love my anime.

  • I have that wallpaper with the Shonen Jump cast, I love that wallpaper. I like both, but I prefer the manga. The manga is true to the story and it doesn’t have filler. However, I like the anime because of the music (this includes opening, ending, and backround) and I enjoy hearing the character’s voices. In action anime, I like to watch the fights in motion like Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and others. In short, I like both ^^

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